What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 12

Around Union Square

Day 7

We had a leisurely start to the day, entertaining ourselves and some cats in an apartment in Nob Hill. We then wandered down to Union Square. And it was down, there was a little bit of across, but it was mostly down. Going back would be challenging.

Union Square has some of the big name, high mark-up shops near it. Places like Victoria's Secret, Macy's and Porsche Design. Linda visited the first two of these and I restrained myself to checking out the bike in the window of Porsche Design. They may make pretty impressive and unique cars, but their bike looked like just a bike.

We then entered the shopping maul. That is precisely what it feels like to anyone not drugged to the eyeballs by the need for senseless consumerism and not dazed through the eyeballs by the shining lights. This place had everything: cinemas, food joints, trendy looking shops full of trashy looking products. We saw the first of what would later be identified as the Starbucks plague. One hundred metres further on, we saw the second Starbucks. There was a microsoft shop, selling microsoft products, including the ever useful microsoft pencil, the only bug free, user friendly microsoft product I've ever seen.

After all this and some food and a film, we felt truly mauled and staggered back up to the apartment. That was definitely an experience to be had. Once.


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